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NZ Mountain Radio Service HF Radio Frequencies

New Zealand Mountain Radio Service

Hikers and mountaineers (known locally as trampers) exploring the remote and sometimes dangerous mountain ranges of New Zealand can hire lightweight portable HF radio sets to use for emergencies, Telcall, weather, and daily net check-ins - whilst out of mobile phone range.
This network is the Mountain Radio Service

Some remote huts used by trampers are also equipped with HF radio for contact with bases.
 The portable HF sets are low power (only 1w PEP), and use a pre-tuned dipole – to be rigged up in trees, etc. while the base stations operate on high power.

There are several organisations throughout New Zealand monitoring the primary channels 24 hrs 365 days.

There are two primary channels in the Mountain Radio Service:

3261 KHz USB – North Island

3345 KHz USB – South Island

Weather broadcasts are at 0800 & 1930 local time.

Voice calls are daily at 0830, 1200, 1930 local time.


Other frequencies registered to MRS organisations are:

Auckland Tramping Club

2348 KHz USB

3336 KHz USB

4586 KHz USB

5254 KHz USB

5299 KHz USB

Wellington Mountain Radio Service

 3023 KHz USB (International SAR Freq.)

5680 KHz USB (International SAR Freq.)

Hawks Bay Mountain Radio Service

3372 KHz USB


Information correct as of 19 November, 2012. Source: NZ Ministry of Economic Development RSM