Short Wave Listeners Delight
Military, government, and civilian Shortwave / HF radio network frequencies

Shortwave Listeners Delight

Frequencies for HF and shortwave networks in Oceania:
Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, U.K, U.S.A, and more.
Our directory includes aviation,
maritime, military, government, civilian, and shortwave broadcast.

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Solar Flares cause havoc with HF comms. Head to for latest information.

The Search & Rescue operation for
Malaysia Airlines Flt 370
  can be heard on HF frequencies...
Australian MHFCS
Australian Civil ATC INO-1

SWLD has begun research on a new page and needs your help!
We aim to compile a list of HF nets and skeds used by ham radio clubs throughout Aus & NZ...
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#1 Australian Defence Force Callsigns

#2 Civil Aviation Flightwatch HF Frequencies

#3 Radio New Zealand Broadcast Schedule

#4 Aviation Volmet HF Frequencies

#5 Australian MHFCS Frequencies 

At SWLD we aim to:
1. Be the most trusted comprehensive, current, and relevant online FREE frequency database for shortwave listeners in the Oceania region, and;

2. Educate and enlighten new and existing radio enthusiasts about the fascinating world of HF communications and short wave broadcast signals interception.

Oceania Geographic Area 
SWLD operational area

In addition to frequencies SWLD provides you with maps, callsigns, watch times, educational resources and first hand advice to maximise your Shortwave Listening experience.

Our database has been compiled from researching actual government and official sources - our content is guaranteed to be current.

To help maintain this resource you are invited to contribute information.
We are always seeking new networks to research, vetted/unclassified government, official, or military documents & logged callsigns, etc.
Please note that as per our information policy we will require verifiable sources before publication of submissions.

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